I have long enjoyed the story of Naaman being cured of leprosy. It is rich in setting, in plot, and personalities.  Two personalities that contrast with each other are the King of Israel, (who is not even named) and Naaman the Commander of the Aram’s army.  The King of Israel appears to be paranoid; his immediate response to receiving the letter introducing Naaman and seeking cure for his leprosy is to believe the King of Aram is trying to pick a fight. (By the way the King of Aram is not named either.) He never even considers what God might be up to. Naaman, on the other hand is a narcissist, he is offended Elisha does not come out and make a big show.  Both are surrounded with wise advisors. Someone from the King of Israel’s court talked how else does Elisha learn what’s going on. And Naaman’s servants show him the folly of his response.

How often have you been blessed by a gentle nudge from friend, family, colleague, which set you back on course. I cannot count the times; but they are enough for me to realize the presence of the Kingdom is more often than not revealed quietly than complex schemes or fancy shows.

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