Fruit of the pun

I recall a term on a nominating committee. One of the most curious questions asked was When was the last time God turned God’s face away from you. It is one of the few that caused nearly everyone to pause. I have known times (upon reflection) when the divine face was turned away, though I suspect the ear was always noting. As I recall they are dark, lonely, peculiarly abandoned times. I was fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends who walked with God. So, I cannot imagine, don’t want to imagine, how forsaken it must feel when God’s face is turned away from an entire nation. When no one around is walking with God.

I wonder if the indigent, making their way to market, feel forsaken, knowing what they over pay for short weighted goods, and there is nothing they can do. It sounds too similar to the new pay-day cards in which you paycheck is loaded on to a cash card you can then use at any store, for a fee charged by the bank issuing the card. At least it has drawn the attention of one regulatory body or another. But I wonder what will come of their inquiries. Let hope it’s not a fruit basket pun. [1]

[1] Amos 8:1-2 Hebrew for summer fruit is qayits, for end is qets. New Interpreters Study Bible, Walter Harrelson


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