I’m back. Well almost back. Our oldest daughter ‘s marriage was wonderful, even though ceremony times were changed due to prodigious rains. I was surprised how my view of the world subtlety changed as the moment came closer. I am continuing to be surprised how my world view continues to change in the days following. (Of course it could also be the influence of youngest daughter’s impending marriage.) In any case, my awareness of my changing world view may be contributing to seeing a clarion call for all humanity to change our world view and behavior in this weeks Lectionary.

Hosea continues his teaching about the twin notions of divine mercy and judgment. Colossians 3:1ff does have another of (pseudo) Paul’s lists. It also proclaims that there is no difference between people in God’s eyes; yet again. It is a proclamation of radical equality. Together, radical equality, mercy and justice form a strong biblical moral foundation. Luke’s tale of the rich man who pulls down his barns in order to build bigger ones, to store even more grains and goods is not living from that foundation; and thereby is starkly applicable today. Note, it is not a shelf, nor a pantry, but a barn. IE it’s a lot of stuff. It raises the question of how much is enough. It also points out, as one commentator notes, in storing so much for himself the rich man is denying grain for those without. It is also important to note it is more than his ‘life’ demanded of the rich man, it is his ‘soul’. (Perhaps ironic, since that is the way he refers to himself?)

To be clear, I believe the message is for all of us, not just the 1% or the 25% nor even the top 75%, but the 100%, all of us. The message is for us to change the way we see the world to divine values not any set of worldly values. It’s only through God’s eyes that we can see each other, see our selves as God intends. It is only thorough these divine values that real change in the human condition can come. May be that’s what my daughter and her partner taught me. What a blessing.

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