Derision, fire and faith

So, Isaiah writes a love poem, that ends in derision. Hebrews tells us the best of their day do not get the reward they are looking for (deserve). And Jesus seems to be all about fire, judgement and division. Its another week of challenging readings. And to be honest, just wrapping up the Healthy Delta operation, having attended the first planning meeting for Cleaner Safer Blytheville, looking forward to tonight’s vestry meeting (yes, really) and tomorrow night’s Charitable Clinic I’m not wanting to go deep into these readings. I want something that supports all the hard work, commitment of countless dedicated individuals and churches I an blessed to be associated with. And perhaps that’s the point. This is not about what I want. This is about the presence of the Kingdom, it is about service in Christ’s ministry, it is not about the work of dedicated folks, its about the indomitable presence of the Spirit. It about being careful that we remember whose power is really at work in all the amazing ministry happening around here at the moment.  Its about keeping focus on the challenge given me by the Spirit to preach in Lent and today: How are we to proclaim the Kingdom of God, in our worship and beyond?  At the moment much is going well, lose our focus and sour grapes will be the least of our worries. It about keeping the faith, by intentionally beginning everyday in faith, in prayer.


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