Hammer time

Because of a technical glitch, like I let the recording thingy fill up, my sermons for last two Sundays have not been posted on St. Stephen’s web site. So, as I was waiting on workmen, installing a new sign this morning, I took the opportunity to record them. It was an interesting experience. Two weeks ago Jesus blows up the 1st century cast/class order, a week ago Jesus blows up the relative value of family, and this week we hear the God does the unlikely and goes searching for one lost sheep, leaving the other 99 in the wilderness. Of course we are the lost sheep. It’s good news (if we ignore the whole being lost bit). It’s a tectonic shift; hammer blow, hammer blow, indescribable love.

Well, maybe. It all depends on where you are. If you are at dinner with Jesus, the parables are full of hope. If you are outside, listening in, because you don’t associate with the kind of people Jesus is eating with, it’s another hammer blow. First your class privilege, then your family prestige, and now your place with God, all dismissed by this upstart, no-count, iterate rabbi. Just who does he think he is!

Actually that’s the wrong question. What we need to ask is: Who do we think we are?


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