5 – 2 = 5.

5 – 2 = 5. No, I have not forgotten how to subtract; it is simply the truth, that five days of stuff to do, less two days out of the office equals five days of stuff to do. And just because, it’s been a week of: acknowledging death, encroaching death, the needs, more needs, and abusive? needs of folks, who believe, who have lost their belief, who don’t believe, and of whom I’ve no idea about their belief.  All this has been melding together with bits of this week’s scripture readings like: stretching or being stretched, buying property when it makes no fiscal sense,  (i.e. on the eve of crushing military defeat) stuff getting in between ourselves and God, our relationship with Eleanor Rigby, and all the other lonely and or poor, and the edict   “as for you, man of God, … run.”  And although I haven’t followed the usual and customary, reading, studying and cogitation, I am confident there is a word from God in all this. It’s almost like walking by the kitchen as the first order of a marvelous baking concoction begins to wafer about. And it’s three hours and forty nine minutes before our dinner guest arrive.  5-2 is feeling like 6.


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