Lament, Coronach, Dirge, Complaint

Behind my home desk is a cadenza, the top of which is divided into two stacks a teetering; one dedicated to home affairs, the other dedicated to the work of the church. Monday was given over to home work, (for students – no it never goes away), and it was late before blogging came to mind. Tuesday was a convocation gathering, Wednesday was dedicated to D min. admissions, Thursday to what was left undone and the charitable clinic and thus here it is Friday afternoon and the first blog has yet to manifest it self. All a long way of saying I have great admiration for the bloggers who get it thoughtfully done every day, well done.

Monday evening I was reading scripture lessons for Sunday, and as I pursued Lamentations I could how in a rural community of declining population, shrinking schools, etc could relate. This is the way to go. On Tuesday, on the way to the convocation meeting, it occurred to me I am not preaching here this week, it is our pulpit swap, and I’m preaching in the metropolis of Jonesboro, and Lamentations does not fit so well. I don’t remember when or where Wednesday, but it occurred to me Lamentations has a Genesis problem.

The Genesis problem is not a reference to Lamentations beginnings, the context from which it arose, but rather our 21st understanding of the actions of God vs the last millennia BCE’s understanding of the actions of God. And then reading Scott Hoezee’s commentary (i) and the discussion of the source of our lament, which tends to be from anger and fear and not the biblical source of a heartfelt wish that everyone could see things God’s way and live into God’s shalom. And now I begin to see a strange confluence with today’s observation of St. Francis, as well as an angel on stewardship (the dreaded October topic).

Oh, bye the way, the rector of St Mark’s had mercy on me (or his congregation, I’m sure which) and moved the observation of St Francis and the blessings of the animals to last Sunday. At the very least he gave me a great opening gambit.


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