The first cup

I returned home from my nephew’s wedding some time about 1 am Sunday. The time with family was great, celebrations were magnificent, and the newly weds are off to a glorious start.

Speaking of starts, my journey started last Wednesday I got up at 4 am to catch a 6 am flight. As I stood in line for my first cup of coffee, the lady behind me said something about being glad the shop was open. I mumbled something snarly like “Yes, if they could serve more than one person every five minutes.” The customer cluster, at the counter, is finally served, the next three customers are served every quickly. The guy in from of me gets to the counter and says “Thanks for getting up so early and coming to work to serve us.” He orders three items, one of which is available. He takes his coffee and graciously thanks the lady; at which point I notice there is no ‘they’ serving, only the one. His behavior reminded me of how we should always treat each other and highlighted my own. I got to the counter with a “Good morning! May I have a medium, dark, and a slice of banana nut bread please?” The lady behind the counter quickly served me my order, I paid, and as I left I said, “Thank you, have a blessed day.”

The gentleman in front of me changed my behavior, helped me to see my snarly mood, helped me to treat the coffee server with respect, and helped me to offer a tiny slice of grace to a stranger, who graciously met my wants in the wee morning hours. If we are serious about sharing the good news of God’s transforming presence, there is no better way, than genuinely treating others with respect, and courtesy, (aspects of justice and mercy) because they are children of God.

To those I met earlier that morning – my apologies,
To the gentle man in front of me – my thanks,
To the lady serving me, may blessing be on you,
To everyone, Shalom.


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