Payer and faith

I have not quite finished reading all the commentaries this week, but I have read enough to know, most writing about the gospel tends to focus on the judge as an inverse metaphor for God. The corrupt judge, begrudgingly, did this good, so our gracious just and merciful God will do so much more. Sounds reasonable, but if that is so, why are so many so uneasy?

What I find interesting is that there is little commentary about the opening sentence about the need to pray, and the closing question: Will there be faith in earth? I’ll admit my immediate impulse is to craft a reply and an answer. However, the divine muse is pulling me back. The observation of our need to pray, and the question about faith are both informed by the backward parable of the judge. Moreover, there is no question that Luke was a skilled writer, and to this day, invites us into a story revealing some aspect of the character of God, Jesus and the Spirit.

So it would seem that the time between now and writing day is to be committed to prayer, and seeking stories of faith. What Luke does reveal is that God is present in both.


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