I will. We will. This is my Solemn vow.

I will.
We will.
This is my Solemn vow.

And so late Saturday afternoon our youngest daughter Michelle and Russell marry. They pledge themselves to each other in front of gathered family and friends, who in turn pledge to uphold them in their in their marriage. As they walk together into great expectations: parents weep, friends cheer, and we all head into a grand celebration.

The marriage rite is powerfully similar to our baptismal and confirmation rites particularity in the manner in which individual promise made is followed by the gathered community’s, giving voice to the Church, promise to uphold, or to support, or to journey with the couple or candidates

It is necessary to say, these commitments are not only made to each other, but to and in the presence of God, whose presence is the source of strength that carries us through better or worse. (Yes, better, opulence can be as destructive to relationship as paucity.) I am also being drug into writing that it is God’s presence, peace and strength, that the witnessing community is most obligated to remind the couple, and candidates of as they exercise their promise to “uphold these persons” even though that reminder may be manifest in all sorts of forms.

This morning as I attempt to re-establish my normal routine, I am thankful for 33 years of marriage with Angie, I am thankful for 19 years of ordained service to Christ’s ministry, I am thankful both our daughters have found and are marriage to good spouses, I am thankful for family and church who have and continue to journey with us, and I am thankful for the opportunities to come in which I and we can uphold whoever needs to be held in the presence of God.

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