Crossed up baptism?

The morning was consumed with 2nd half of the month’s bills.  The afternoon went to trimming over grown hedges. The early evening was dedicated to a board meeting. After supper was all about getting ready for Wednesday because tomorrow is the Executive Committee meeting. That includes reading Sunday’s lectionary readings, and a first glimpse at commentary wisdom.

This Sunday we will baptism the youngest child of a new family. Christ the King is a good, though not preferred, day for Baptism. Then I read the Gospel which is from Luke’s account of the crucifixion. Panic? Not after reading Scott Hoezee’s commentary [i] which focuses on the nature of God’s Kingdom, in particular that the Kingdom is not some far off starry -starry night futuristic wonderland, nope the Kingdom is right here right now. Every time a child is baptized, every time we celebrate Eucharist, every time we pray, every time we reject the values of this world and without judgment, feed the hungry, cloth the naked, heal the sick,  … every time a child, or anyone else, sees the people of God living the values Jesus teaches all the way to death on a cross.

What a great background story to begin a new life in Christ.

[i] Scott Hoezee,, This Week at the Center for Excellence in Preaching, Next sunday is November 24, 2013 (Ordinary Time), This Week‘s Article: The Lectionary Gospel Text is: Luke 23:33-43


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