More than one percent

Sometime ago my thinking about this Sunday’s lectionary centered on Christ the King and how we have no idea what that means. I do no think we can, because we have no idea what King means. O yes, we have an intellectual understanding, some may even have a sophisticated understanding of the varieties of monarchy, kingship. But none of us, citizens of the US, have any real life experience of living under absolute monarchy, all sovereigns in one person. We have always lived under a democratically elected republic sovereign. We have no frame of reference about the power dynamics.

Well may be we do.  Mariam Kamell uses the phrase one percent in her commentary. (1)  even with the multi billion dollar fines some companies have agreed to as a results of decisions that lead to the 2008 economic collapse not a single corporate officer has faced charges, and less than a handful of employees have, or likely will. The one percent are individuals who because of their great wealth and indulgence can and do act with impunity.

I do not believe the one percent are by definition evil. However we are all aware of the power they have. Kamell wonders when Christians will realize we are the one percent, that we have power that exceeds anything Wall Street, or any billionaire can wield. As heirs of Jesus ministry we have the power of God to led people out of any darkness that captures them and show them the light of life eternal that exceeds anything we can imagine, even the extraordinary images of Revelation. I wonder, as does Kamell what the world, what our home towns could look like, if we dared to act with the power of our resurrected King? As did the power of Rome, the power of one percent fades in the presence of the first born of all creation.

Mariam Kimell, Working Preacher, Commentary on Colossians 1:11-20,

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