Salt and light

For the last several days we have been covered in ice.


For the last two nights I have been in the backyard, camera and remote flash in hand trying to coax just the right interplay of light and ice.


I am well aware of instances when the light itself is an image to behold. However, I know that far more often it is the effect of light on another object that creates the image that captures our imagination.  My limited culinary experience is much the same. Every now and again a taste of salt tickles my fancy; however, far more often, it is the flavors which salt enhances, or releases from foods that create a culinary experience to remember.

Jesus telling us that we are the salt of the earth, that we are the light of the world (not maybe, or will be, but are) defines our relationship with all the peoples of the world. In short it’s not about us. Our service in Jesus’ ministry is first about God in Jesus, then about illuminating or releasing the glory, the presence of God in the world every minute of every day.

At first this seems like an over whelming task. In truth, it is both less and more. It’s not a singular task of gargantuan proportions, like getting 70% of people back into relationship with Jesus. It is an endurance task, because we never know who it is that our words, and or actions may turn away, or invite in. And therein I glean a type of strength in knowing that salt is always salty, and light always is (it cannot be overcome by the dark [i]).


[i] John 1:5


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