Into the unknown

The Lord tells Abram, leave your family, and county and go away to this place I will tell you … Abram went.

 When I was ordained my bishop said: You know you have hitched yourself to an itinerant star and the Spirit can be very precious. I had no idea; my family had even less of an idea. In twenty years I have been in several places; none of them were anywhere on my sphere of interest.  All that gets to God’s statement I will tell you. Abram heads off into who knows where, and he did so, knowing he did not know where he would go. I give him all the credit for righteousness. Yes, I’ve been to places unimagined; but I always thought I knew where I was headed. Wrong.

In one respects this reading reflects last week’s, obedience. Like Jesus, Abram obeyed, where Adam and Eve did not. He didn’t obey to the full degree Jesus did, but he did obey.

In our Lenten discipline, maybe venturing into the unknown is a call to obey God?

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