Evenets of last week

I know it’s Holy Week and expectations are postings to be in that realm; however, the events of last week bear sharing.

Late Tuesday evening (last week) I received a phone call for chaplaincy help at a grizzly industrial accident. In listening to the people involved, particularly one person at the accident site, I heard “There is no job here that isn’t dangerous.

Wednesday morning the Ministerial Alliance meet the newest police recruits. They introduced themselves to us; we in turn introduced ourselves to them. Every pastor thanked them for placing themselves in harm’s way, that we might live safer lives.

Saturday afternoon I presided at the Burial rite of a much beloved man. The church was packed far beyond anything I’ve witnessed before. At the reception I had a conversation with the deceased’s brother in law, who is an intriguing person. He was an officer commanding a nuclear submarine off the coast of Norway during the Cuban missile crisis. He mentioned thinking about family as they waited. Yet another incident of people who put themselves and their families in harm’s way so we can live safer, better lives.

These are but three examples of many ways many people give of themselves (literally) for others, for us. I wish it wasn’t so; however, it is and I am thankful for their response to calling. It gets me to thinking of how the church might be about the work of creating time and space in which all God’s people and live safer, better lives, all the time. Maybe this something to say about Holy Week after all.




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