Wrong way to the right way

The other day I was traveling to a usual and customary out of town location for a regularly scheduled meeting.  For an unknown reason I got off an exit earlier than normal, shortly made a left hand turn resulting in a one block trip on a one way street in the wrong direction; other than my embarrassment, no harm done. However, when I got to the street I was headed to I saw a gentleman in a wheel chair obviously struggling. I rolled down the window to inquire, and it turns out his wheel-chair seat had broken. I was able to give him a short ride to his destination, for which is he was thankful. Extra bonus, I was not late for the scheduled meeting.

I am not one to believe the God micro manages human events; in general  I am a believer in the perversities’ of numbers; in short, life happens. I believe it is whether we choose to allow life’s events to define us or if we turn to the presence of God to determine how we respond to life’s events that makes the difference in our lives. Drawing from John 9, I believe life happens, let the works, the glory, the presence of God be made known.

Did God cause me to exit one stop early? Did God cause me to make a wrong turn? Was all that simply serendipity? Who knows? What I do know is that as a result of all that, I was blessed to give assistance to a person in need. My day was blessed from very early on.



One thought on “Wrong way to the right way

  1. I think life happens, but it is how we react to the circumstances we find ourselves in as to how we can be witnesses to God’s grace in our lives. This was most certainly a moment of grace!

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