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It has continued to be overly busy since our return from the beach to a massive tree in our back yard. The plumbing repairs are done, most of the tree is still on the ground and the massive mud hole is now the dominate feature

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It’s a far different view than round about Easter

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AFMT and I are very grateful no one was injured, that our home remains secure, that the plumbing was really on an inconvenience; and that the rest of the cleaning up is in the hands of very competent caring folks.

We have done our best to keep on schedule, including moving MEM into a new abode, AFMT’s reception for her art show and Brewing Faith, the effort to create space place in space and time to share a brew and explore being spiritual.

Last night’s intimate conversation affirmed my belief there are folks who are seeking a deeper walk with God. I also learned just out of touch I am with social media technology; email (my preference) is not the primary means of communication, Face-Book (on which I have an account and STS has a page) is getting some attention, Twitter (STS has an account) is fading in some places though growing here, and I can’t get my head around Instagram, thought I expect I will have to. A fear is I’ll spend so much time with social media other aspects of my service in Christ’s ministry will suffer. It’s a very tiny example of losing life to find life.  I’ve realizing I’ve got to let die what is comfortable for me so my service in Christ ministry can find life.

I know most of us do not face the threat of death for being Christian (not true in all the world) however, in ways far for significant i.e. basic values. Is wealth, political orientation, ideological persuasion, or the in breaking of the Kingdom of God the foundation on which you stand? And when you discover it is not Kingdom life are you willing to let die other values so the Kingdom life can find life?

I know this is the challenge Christianity faces today. I suspect it a past of being spiritual but not religious, just not sure which part.

Parting hopes: when Hagar and Ishmael are driven into the wilderness to dies, God hears their cry and responds; and jumping ahead in Matthew’s to last week’s reading we hear Jesus assure us he is with us to the end of the ages. This may get me through moving to Twitter, it will continue to move me deeper into standing on the firm foundation of Kingdom life.






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