It is Finished

A sermon for Good Friday; Isaiah 52:13-53:12, Psalm 22:1-11, Hebrews 10:16-25, John 18:1-19:42


It is finished: three years of ministry, teaching, healing, and signs of power.

It is finished, three years of increasingly tense encounters with Jewish authorities.

It is finished: arrest in the dark of night the all-night trials before Annas and Pilate,
and Peter’s denials.

It is finished: the mocking abuse of soldiers and police, the Jews desire for the release of Barabbas Bar – Abbas son of ~ father.

It is finished, the Jews’ proclamation they have no king but the emperor.

It is finished ~ crucifixion.

It is finished.


It is finished Jesus, the intenerate rabbi from Nazareth is dead. Two marginal, mostly secrete followers, remove the body, prepare it with myrrh and aloes, wrap it in a linen cloth, and place it in a tomb.


It is finished.

There is nothing left to do, the messianic hope is gone, the promise of restoring the House of David is vanquished, the potential of glory is lost, the ring of Hosanna has dissipated.

It is finished.

There is nothing left to do. The hopeless stand at the edge of the abyss, they ponder ~ what’s next; all their bearings are gone; they’ve no clue how to orient themselves.


It was a grand idea, a half a decade in the making, thousands of hours, other opportunities shunned, and suddenly, unexpectedly the realization that it is finished! Standing at the edge of the abyss, with no idea what is next, lost, unable to find any bearings. It is finished. There is nothing left to do. The edge of the abyss is terrifyingly real. ‘Nothing’ is an all-consuming experience.

Some of you have similar experiences; unexpected death, unanticipated diagnosis of severe illness, job loss, financial collapse, the failure of a long-perused dream or ideal. You know the feeling; it is finished! there is nothing left to do! Tonight, we recall the moment when all creation knew it is finished! there was nothing left! Tonight, we recall the moment the cosmos teetered at the edge of the abyss, of nothing. We bring our collection of it is finished experiences with us. Through them, we connect with this moment, with each other with all humanity, with all creation.

All of us want to move on. There is the urge to swap stories of how we moved on; or not. There is the desire to tell each other “It will be alright.” never knowing, never saying what ‘alright’ is. None of us – none of us is eager just to be just to exist at the edge of the abyss, when everything is done, when there is nothing left.

But; here we are. And it is exactly where we should be. Standing at the cross-shaped abyss, that like some divine black hole is stripping us, sucking away all pretense of glory, power, wealth, position, privilege, success, accomplishment, knowledge, wisdom, wit, piety, and, righteousness, eradicating all pretense ~ until

It is finished.

There is nothing left.

Nothing, except ourselves, our souls, and bodies; dust and breath, just as God created us.


My hunch is ~ we should stay here awhile.

My hope is ~ we will.

My prayer is ~ we can.

One thought on “It is Finished

  1. It is finished . . . Jesus has done what He came to do to save us all. Now we wait in the abyss of Holy Saturday, holding our breath until Easter dawns with its promise of eternal life.
    Have a blessed Easter, Fr. Scott!

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