The sound of

Yesterday on one of various journeys I listened to Terry Gross interview Trevor cox author of  The Sound Book. (Here’s the link: ne-mans-quest-to -find-the-sonic-wonders-o f-the-world).  It begins with the sound of a starter pistol fired in an old oil tank; it was loud, reverberating for 30 seconds. That was followed by the same pistol fired in an anechoic chamber (which absorbs sounds prevents echoes) and it is literally a quite lip “put.”

Later Cox’s speaks about the acoustics of cathedrals. St. Paul’s Cathedral in London is a whispering gallery; you can whisper into the wall and it travels around the dome to a person on the other side who hears it coming out of the wall. In other’s the structure echoes so well we are inclined to whisper, which he think contribute to our felling of reverence in them. What came to me is how the environment changes the way we perceive what is going on around us.

Paul refers to us as God’s temple a dwelling place of God. So I wonder what kind of temple are we, whispering like St Paul’s, echoing like many, reverberating like the oil tank, or absorbing like the anechoic chamber. I wonder how we, as individuals and a faith community, effect the way those around us perceive the presence of God?



The week was going along nicely, in spite of the second cold wave, until my lap top slowed to the point of unusable. After that time and talent (what e talent I’ve left after 23 years away) got diverted to the task of evaluation, determination, acquisition and installation. Deep into the dark of Thursday night, and once again into the dark of Friday the work of rearranging three computers to new tasks was the work of the day. And yes, I would have written my sermon before all that, except to write my sermon I needed all that. The good news is, the new arrangement is working, mostly.

 There is gleaning about the dangers of diversions becoming the primary value. I wonder if the Corinthians got diverted into mastering their spiritual gifts. This week has been and continues to be a reminder that it is all about being in the presence of the Kingdom that’s coming nearer and sharing the presence of the Kingdom that’s coming nearer and nearer.