Just how far

Tuesday I read several commentaries about the story of the blind man. A couple talked about the progression of his sight.

    1. He is blind
    2. After washing in the pool of Silom he can see.
    3. “… a man called Jesus…”
    4. “He is a prophet.”
    5. “Lord, I believe.”  spoken the first time he actually sees. Jesus.

You will have noticed this includes the MBB (man born blind) improving physical sight and his deepening spiritual sight.   Interwoven with the MBB’s improving sight is his standing his ground when questioned by the Pharisees, including another verbal volley when MBB does not speak of Jesus.  The stronger stance the MBB takes about Jesus, the more his sight improves.

Last week the woman at the well left her water jar behind when she went to town. David Lose posits it her leaving behind all that had weighted her down. He goes on to to ask: What to we need to leave behind so we can live the life God is preparing for us, and to share our experiences?  [i] A similar question arises from this story:  What do we have to stand up to in order to see the presence of God/Jesus/Spirit in our loves? Just how far do we have to be pushed?


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