Day 1 prepping for 3rd Epiphany

“… did not send me to baptize but to proclaim the gospel” seems like a good disruptive place to start.  Then again I have always felt drawn to “Repent for the Kingdom of heaven has come near!” is a description of Jesus’ ministry, and our stewardship of Christ’s ministry.  And still “Immediately they left … and followed him.” gives us a sense of a proper response to Jesus presence. However, the bible phrase that I actually verbally responded to is Psalm 27:1 last phrase “of whom then shall I be afraid?”  I actually said “That fool down the street,” and “That lady in the corner office.”

Please note, there is no fool down the street, and there is no corner office, so my response is not toward a specific person or persons. So what’s it all about? My concern is it expresses a degree of misplace expectation, my faith should be yielding such and such results and it’s not. My deepest concern is that it expresses a degree of distrust. Either is destructive to a calling, not to do a particular task, but to live in God’s, in Jesus’, in the Spirit’s presence.

It’s going to be an interesting week.